Destinations To Travel In India During Winter Season

India is a country that has diverse cultures and traditions. What makes India more fascinating are its various places of tourism. Since the ancient era, India has attracted millions of tourists from across the world. Winter heralds the places to visit and explore. From beaches, to snow caped mountains, to wildlife places of historic evidences and much more, India is blessed with plethora of places to visit during winter season.

10 Majestic Indian Forts And Palaces

India’s history is not made up of just myths and stories, it is also held up by the physical markers that speak of millenia of civilization. India’s political history is replete with wars, dynasty rules and kingdoms, dotting the landscape of India with grand architectural marvels. India, the land of diversity, houses hundreds of forts and palaces that keep within them the stories of bravery and mirror the beauty of the queens and princesses through their magnificent aura! No wonder, India has qu

Collective:10 Road Trips in India To Tempt Every Roadie

Living in concrete jungles and business parks, we huddle within our busy schedules, grabbing the easiest options to relax as they come. Our ever engaged lives keep us starved for blissful moments with nature. We collect long weekends, airdrop into a new destination, get a sampling menu of its top attractions, and land back home on the Monday morning’s first flight and rush to office. It seems like we have forgotten the art of immersing ourselves in a place by looking beyond the superficial, some

Collective: 10 Monsoon Trails that are every Trekker's Paradise

India is brimming with myriad and unique landscapes throughout. Be it North, East, West or South, the topographical beauty provides ecstatic scenes that are fantasy lands for the adventurous soul. The beauty and serenity of Indian landscapes is par excellence and attracts thousands from all over the world for trekking and hiking. Getting a life beyond the regular in the peace and quiet of the towering Himalayas or the leaning Ghats is an experience close to Nirvana.

You Can Actually Stay At These Royal Palaces Where These Bollywood Movies Were Shot

Liked what you read? Share it now: Hotels are not just exquisite locales for tourists but also happen to become cool shooting locations for movies. Given the cultural history of our country, a lot of magnificent royal palaces have been well preserved and converted into hotels. And Bollywood has always been stepping into these picturesque palaces, adding to their overall charm. Here are 10 movies that featured royal palaces and you can actually go and book a room there!

11 Places Other Than The Bermuda Triangle Where Things Disappeared Without An Explanation

The Bermuda Triangle is one of those mysterious places on Earth where planes and ships have been disappearing without a trace. Though science has tried to come up with an explanation, little do we know, that the Bermuda Triangle is just one of 12 eerie locations on Earth with inexplicable disappearances associated with them. These places are known as Vile Vertices, discovered by Ivan Sanderson, as they form a creepy star-shaped pattern when laid on a map of the earth.

Freelance writing with no experience | Writing as a business

Overcoming the beginner hurdle in anything can often be overwhelming. Especially for those who’ve got a lot to compete against — which is especially true in the freelance industry. However, what you need to remember is that even the most experienced freelancers often started exactly like you — with no prior experiences. With that said, one of the best things about freelance writing is that, if you have some basic writing skills and some general knowledge of the ‘did + present tense’ rule, you’

Pros & Cons: Are content mills worth it? | Writing as a business

‘Content mills’ or ‘writer mills’ is a slang term for online organisations that churn out website content at inexpensive rates. Some organisations allow other companies/employers to post jobs and look for writers. Whilst others keep their writers internal, allowing them to monopolise on social media and advertisement affiliates. Such content mills (as freelancers call it), usually hire almost anybody and everybody as their writers, allowing them to offer quite subjective pay scales.

How to research for writing online | Writing good copy

Researching a topic before writing lays the quintessential foundation for a brilliant article. It’s imperative to say that the research is even more important than the writing itself. As an article which doesn’t have credible facts and strong background checks; is not only going to sound unconvincing but can also be bad for SEO, as it’s untrustworthy (a measurement which is a part of Google’s E-A-T quality guideline).

8 Incredible Mini TV Series To Binge Watch If Bollywood Is Not Your Cup Of Tea

Okay, we get it that movies are not everybody’s cup of tea. Not everyone gets the drama, romance, and super raunchy songs. And above all, not everybody is convinced with a forever happy ending. But the world of entertainment is not just limited to the B-town. For those of you who are looking for something more than just ninety minutes of storytelling, congratulations, you are in the generation of TV series.

BookMyShow awarded the ‘Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand’

BookMyShow (BMS), India’s largest entertainment ticketing brand, won the award for ‘Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand’ at the OneDirect Quest Customer Experience (QuestCX) Awards held in New Delhi last week. This award recognized BMS as an organization that developed and implemented an omni-channel CX strategy, demonstrating a clear understanding of the customer journey as well as the channels chosen to interact with the customer.

Crediting Images Online | A Writer's Guide | Writing Good Copy

As a writer, your job is not only limited to produce great content but also to make sure that your audience enjoys what they’re reading. A well-written article should also be visually appealing to the reader and photos are interesting — period. However, what images are free to use and which ones fall under copyrights can be tricky to understand, especially with the web being full of options. Here’s our checklist of things to keep in mind when you’re using images from the internet.

Curves Or No Curves, These 5 Women With Different Body Types Pull Off A Sari In Equally Stunning Ways

Remember that time when Shobhaa De opened her outspoken mouth about Kate Middleton not draping a saree on her visit to India. The problem wasn’t with her exercising her right to expression, but what she wrote came from a deep-rooted mentality of connecting the Indian outfit of a Sari with curves. In that careless statement written in her piece with NDTV, Shobhaa De had actually taken off the veil of the body shaming that doesn’t leave the pallu of women even in the most Indian outfit ever. Til

Have Ever Wondered Why Most Planes Are Painted White?

We are all intrigued by everything related to airplanes. But have you ever wondered why commercial planes are usually white? Some may have striped or decorations or name of the carrier on them, but majorly airplanes have a white base color. Well, it’s not just a coincidence, there is an actual reason for it. In fact, white airplanes have a higher resale value than colored ones. So here are the reasons why!

Tune In To The Moot Point With Effervescense’16

What is college time if not for the last minute survival work to get through exams, the endless gupshup, and the late-night chais while curating ideas for annual fests. College festivals always top the memory lane and IIITA is all set to make its annual fest bubble through your entire life with Effervescence’ 16. BlogAdda feels immense pleasure to collaborate with IIITA. Fun is getting doubled up this year with the three-day long chute the chute ride through fun, frolic, and excitement.
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